Monday, December 20, 2010

Harses, Harses, harses*

I made these for some of my self-adopted nieblings**.  The block(s - there are two of them) are for the little boy who has only recently discovered his hands. He can chew on them or practice stacking them. Probably in that order.

The horse is for the little girl who is OBSESSED with the local mounted police force (aka horsey-cops). There are three horses, and her favorite is Monty. Monty is all white. So when I decided to make My Favorite Toddler Who is Now A Big Girl a stuffed animal and she said she wanted a horse, I knew that it should be white. 
When she opened the present, she was SO! EXCITED! And immediately named the stuffed horse Monty.  
Her Mommy asked to look at the horse after she got out the first bit of her energy and took Monty for a gallop around the room.  While Mommy was looking at the new Monty, the Big Girl spinned around and then fell on the floor saying, “I CAN’T A-BLEVE IT!”
I love her.

*Once I was visiting the Field Museum in Chicago when I heard a little boy who was very excited about seeing the seahorses at the nearby acquarium. He was galloping alon saying "Harses, harses, harses!" Hence the title.
**Nieblings is the word my sister and her husband came up with to categorize all children of one's siblings without having to say "nieces and nephews." I like the word. I sounds appropriately funny and is quite efficient.

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  1. 'harses, harses, harses' is also a quote from Sleepless in Seattle. :)