Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I love the internet.

I got a package in the mail on Monday - a brown paper package, actually.  It was from my internet-friend, and one of my hexagon quilt inspirations, Stephanie.

fabulous box
It looked like this.  This box is, in and of itself, quite fabulous.  I love a good container. So as soon as I got the brown paper off of it, I was already excited. Actually, as soon as I saw it was from Steph I was excited, because I knew the contents would be new! and different! and exciting! fabrics! Steph and I did a fabric-swap. And I love new fabric!

But then...Then I opened the fabulous box, and the contents blew me away!  Not only were there more than 40 new fabrics for me to hexagon (yes, I just used hexagon as a verb. deal with it.), there was a lovely postcard with a doodle on it and a HANDMADE PINCUSHION! See?!

It's great, right?
I can hardly believe that I just sent a stack of fabrics in a manila envelope!

Thank you, Steph! You're the best!

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